Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll

It's been a busy week or so. Last weekend I had a three day weekend and spent most of it moving stuff from one apartment in my complex to another. Why, you may ask, would you move from one apartment to another in the same complex? Because rent is cheap, it's a cool part of town and I had been in the other apartment for ten years. It needed work. My old apartment had been described once by some guy as a post apocalyptic dorm room. I think that should give you some idea of what the place looked and smelled like.

I threw away so much stuff during the move. Chris came by on Saturday and carried the kitchen over piece by piece and he found a pink 12 inch...television in one of the cupboards. I don't remember who that tv belonged to or how long it had been there but I dragged it out to the dumpster and set it on its way.

The closet in my room was full of stuff I didn't need. It really is amazing how much detritus you can accumulate in less than forty years. I kept important items like photographs but I ditched a lot of useless garbage. I mean, did I really need that box of 5000 worthless baseball cards? Sure a lot of them were cards I collected during my childhood but they really were worthless beat up common cards. Anything of any value I had pulled out and stored in binders. Those I kept. The beat up common cards went in the shitcan which is where they should have gone years ago.

It's not without a little sadness that I leave this apartment for another. This may be hard to believe but I lived in that apartment longer than I have ever lived anywhere else. The house I consider my boyhood home I only occupied from about fifth to twelth grade. I easily beat that time by a few years in that apartment. It was the first apartment I ever got my own and it really got to be 'home' after a while.

The new place is shaping up. I need to buy a nice DVD rack and eventually we'll need a new couch. We had two at the other place and only brought one over. The couch with the hide-a-bed got left behind. We are going to junk that one this Thursday along with that old Hammond organ.

Speaking of the old Hammond organ, if anyone knows anyone that wants an old Hammond organ that doesn't work let me know. If they can get to my old apartment before this Thursday it's all theirs. All that is wrong with it is that it needs a new power cord. I'm sick of looking at it and it's going to be trash as of Thursday, July 14th unless you, or someone else, wishes to take it. There, the offer has been made.

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