Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holocaust conference

I was listening to NPR as I was ironing my work clothes this morning and I heard a story about that ridiculous "conference" they are holding in Iran in order to discuss the validity of the Holocaust during World War II. I think we can all agree that any conference that treats David Duke as a guest is pretty much horse shit.

I think it's obvious that this conference is being held merely to elevate Iran's status as a leader in the middle east. They are both thumbing their noses at us and threatening Israel at the same time. Nothing gets you points in the middle east like putting those two acts together. And we also have our grand president solidifying Iran's position of leadership with his childish stance of not talking to them unless they do what he tells them to. What an ass.

Calling our ass of a president an ass is not why I started this post. What really struck me during the NPR piece was the language a spokesman for the conference used while attempting to justify the horseshit gathering. His position was that both sides of the Holocaust argument needed to be heard. Essentially, even if Holocaust deniers are batshit crazy this is a free world and their opinions deserve equal time. This is the same tactic used by the radical right in this country that has allowed creationism to stand equally with science and created an atmosphere where an incompetent president could take us to war. Once again radical Islam and radical Christianity walk hand in hand. Both sides accuse the other of trying to take over the world when they are both trying to take over the world. God help us if they ever align with each other.

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