Saturday, November 04, 2006

Time Gone By

Last night I poured a few hours of my life down the toilet by enjoying in full Civilization IV, a game for the PC. I hadn't bought a new PC game in a couple of years because I have an Xbox and the computer we had wasn't fast enough to run new games. Last weekend, we were hooked up by Randy, my roommate's old college buddy, with a new computer. I decided that a new PC game was in order. I'm a big fan of simulation games and I spent a week going over reviews and it appeared to me that CIV IV was the cream of the crop. I took a jaunt down to EB Games yesterday and dropped a few bucks and went back home. After I got the game back home I spent the rest of my waking hours hunched over the keyboard.

The game is incredibly deep. In the basic campaign mode you start at 4000 BC and with a small town and a few workers and then try to create the dominate society in the world. Along the way your people discover religion, civics and various technologies and you can even build a few wonders like the pyramids and stonehenge. Stonehenge was the first wonder I built. It's my favorite. I quite in the early 1900's with a city just getting established in the New World. I'll try to be nice to the natives but I can't promise anything. If they get in the way they will just have to go. It's a tough world.

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