Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday Night Quiet Time

I decided last night that I needed to spend some major time catching up on my reading since I had been slug-like and couch-potatoey for a majority of the weekend. I cleaned my room up a little first and, while doing that, listened to some internet radio over Itunes. I am so enjoying internet radio now that I have a computer in my room. After cleaning I read for a while, listening to KEXP out of Seattle. It's a station that is just as good as our regional gem, WNCW. After a few chapters of that wonderful Le Guin book I went out in the living room and watched the last quarter of the Sunday Night Football game and then returned to my room, connected to 3WK through Itunes and spent a couple of more hours in Le Guin's new world. I also heard a band on 3WK that really intrigued me. They are called Awesome Color. I might buy their CD. It's a cool name also.

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