Monday, November 27, 2006

Consumer violence

I'm sure you have all heard about the violence at the department stores in the wee hours of November 24th, Black Friday. If you scan down a bit you can see where one of the commenters mentions how frightening this is to him and I agree. Remember back to Katrina and word got out here in Charlotte that there was the possibility of a slight interruption of gas shipments to the Carolinas? You know what happened, lines at the gas stations and fist fights breaking out amongst the nimrods waiting in those lines. I said a little prayer that night that I had enough gas in my car to get through the two days of madness this erroneous information caused.

Every year that I see these displays by my fellow Americans at the mall I just pray that technology keeps pace with our appetites because if the people in this country ever taste even a smidgen of want, let alone true hunger, there will be riots in the streets. These cow people will sit by idly and reelect a wanton killer but god forbid you should get between them and a piece of plastic from China listed at half the retail price. It's chilling.

Listen, do me a favor, if you were at the mall before it was light out on November 24th, please, next year lay down in front of the mob and let them trample you to death so we can be rid of you. Maybe if enough people do this the crowds at the mall will thin themselves out and then when the oil runs out I won't have to defend my home from the mob with a shotgun.

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