Monday, November 13, 2006

Bip Bap Boom

I don't, as a rule, watch much boxing. The way the sport chews up and spits human beings out is a turn off but, that being said, it's hard not to watch a big heavyweight fight. The heavyweight championship holds an allure unlike any other in sport. He's the biggest and baddest person in the world, the one guy no one wants to mess with.

This weekend a couple of friends and I watched the Klitshcko vs Brock match. It was pretty obvious that Brock was overmatched very early in the fight. Klitschko was taking his time and wearing Brock down. The crowd got a little restless but there was no reason for Klitschko to risk engaging Brock since he knew once the out of shape Brock wore down he could take him out pretty quick. That is exactly what happened.

As far as Brock, you have to ask why someone would attempt to fight this big Russian dude and be as flabby as he was. I'm no Adonis but boxing isn't my job. You don't get very many shots at boxing titles, why not be as ready for it as you can be? He had a stomach and he looked soft. Heck, his man boobies were flopping around some.

After the fight Klitschko was interviewed by the HBO people and he came off as very intelligent and gracious. I came away an admirer and I am interested to see if this guy can unite all the boxing titles and just where he'll take this ride. He's got the potential to be a huge star, I think. He's already big and he may just explode.

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