Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Haven't been posting much lately. I've been spending too much time arguing with these idiot conservatives at another blog. I'm going to stop that, it's like arguing with a brick wall. These guys are so whacked that they believe torture works, Clinton is solely responsible for 9/11, the Iraq invasion was a good idea, there were no lies by the administration leading up to the war, Islam is a religion of hate and those that oppose the Bush administration are traitors. It's impossible to argue with people like that because all they can do is insult you. Screw those fascists, I'm staying away. It is hard to stay away, though, because they will feel like they won something but I'm tired of being called a traitor because I oppose everything George Bush stands for. Ah well, I'd be worried if those clowns didn't view me as a traitor because if they didn't that would mean that I think just like them and that would be much worse. I have to remind myself that anyone so far to the right is probably just another Foley waiting to happen. It was Bill Hicks talking about Jesse Helms that said anyone that far to the right is hiding a dark secret.


I watched the Tigers and the Yankees playoff game last night. You know, I used to love Derek Jeter but now he's a Tiger killer and he just pisses me off. How is it that he is so good in October? It really is something else. Even when he is clobbering your home team he's fun to watch. The bastard.

I haven't watched that many Tiger games this year. I've followed the team all year and know the personnel but I feel a little like a fair weather fan. I've kept up with the team and was optimistic when Alan Trammell took over a few years ago and I followed the careers of Justin Thompson and Jeff Weaver. So, I've kept up. The only thing about this Tiger team that worries me is the closer, Todd Jones. He just seems to make the 9th inning a little more dramatic that it need be. Putting guys on base against the Yankees in the 9th inning is just not going to work. It's not good in general but will really bite you with a lineup as loaded as the Yankees.

Speaking of baseball

I'll bet your wondering what a 1911 Ty Cobb baseball card looks like. Your quest is at an end. If you thought that was lovely there are more at this site. That Library of Congress website is a gold mine.

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