Friday, October 27, 2006

Camille Pagilia back in the house

I don't know how familiar both my readers are with Camille Paglia. If you've been checking this blog for more than a year I am sure you may have followed a link or two to something she has said. Any time Paglia is speaking about our country's politics and culture it's worth your time. Everything she says you may not agree with but you can't say what she says isn't thoughtful and intelligent. She was recently interviewed by I have included a quote about Rice and Cheney and linked to the interview at the end.

"Every feminist who wants to smash the glass ceiling should realize she has a stake in Condi Rice's success. Rice is a brilliant woman, but diplomacy is an art. Preaching in steely tones sends the wrong message. This administration lacks deftness in international relations. Worst of the lot is Dick Cheney, with his lumpish provincialism. What a narrow, limited mind! His geopolitics is a vintage-1870s version of frontier Americanism, but he managed to impose it on the over-credulous new president when this Bush took office. It's all so simple to them: The majority of Iraqis and Iranians want peace and modernization, so let's impose democracy at the barrel of a gun. But what ignorance of history: The mass of the population always want to live their own lives; change is always driven by small, committed groups of ideologues and fanatics -- even in our own revolution. Representative democracy is a great ideal, but major shifts are rarely achieved by majority rule, which prefers the status quo."

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