Wednesday, September 27, 2006

changes in the all-star race?

I like some of the ideas for changes in the NASCAR all-star race described in this article. Letting drivers from NASCAR's other series is a very good idea. Maybe the top two in points from the Busch and Truck series and maybe a third if that driver has had a specified number of wins at that point in the season. I'm a little worried about tweaking the racing format too much. Humpy Wheeler seems to desire the last lap on every lap. You can't have that kind of racing all the time, that causes too many wrecks. The last time Humpy tried to tweak the racing the Lowe's Motor Speedway they put grooves in the track with a grinder and literally ruined the race that followed. That still has got to be one of the biggest fiascoes in sports in recent memory. That was akin to resodding a football stadium with untested sod and then throwing the players out there and hoping for the best. He's concerned about a lull in the race. Hey, it's a race. There are lulls in every race.

I see Humpy wants to improve the race. How about getting rid of that excruciating driver introduction segment that seems to get longer and less watchable every year? It's torture. Check out the look on Mark Martin's face when he is introduced if he is ever in the all-star race again. I feel your pain, Mark. I feel your pain.

I say the best all star race you could have is a big Saturday night shoot-out type of event at Bristol and anyone with racing credentials is welcomed to join in. Established drivers would get early round by's at pole positions in their heats. Run twenty laps, take the top two and move on. Now that would be exciting.

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