Monday, August 07, 2006

Souvenir from the mountains

At some point during the rock show at last week's Rhodo I took a stroll into a field to check out the stars since the stars are brighter when you are not in the middle of a smog-choked city. Around Tuesday I started to get a horrible itching rash on my legs. Turns out it's poison oak. Holy hell, does that stuff itch. Not only does it itch, it oozes a clear sticky fluid. I can't begin to tell you how much fun it is.

I am a pod person

Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the Apple Store at the mall and got me an Ipod. I decided I might as well cripple my bank account for the next two weeks and go all the way with the Mack Daddy Ipod. I spent all of yesteday afternoon watching the race at Indianapolis and downloading as much as my CD collection as possible to the Ipod. I figure I have a good chance of putting a large majority of my collection onto this Ipod. I'm chomping at the bit to get as much music on it as possible. Unfortunately, as you upload a CD to your computer it is converted to the mpg format the Ipod accepts and it takes over five minutes to convert it. It's a much slower process than I hoped it would be. A faster computer might help but that's going to have to wait since I broke the bank with this tiny little Ipod. It's going to take a couple of weeks but when I hit shuffle at the end of this project I am going to be in music heaven, baby.

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