Thursday, August 10, 2006

Slave to the Ipod

I dig the Ipod. Heck, I love it. For the last few days though, I have spent most of my free time dumping songs into it. This is going to take weeks. I just checked my bank account and I am regretting the purchase a little bit. Next payday can't come soon enough. If you need me this weekend I'll be sitting at home adding songs to my new master.

I can't help it though. I did some math and it looks like I will be able to put almost all of my massive CD collection into this contraption. I'm going to make a playlist of all my Led Zeppelin bootlegs. How fun will that be?

I got up early today. Real early. I can't wait to see how tired I am going to be when work ends at nine tonight. Am I doing dishes? Reading? Making a nice big breakfast while listening to NPR? Hell no, I'm messing with the Ipod. Someone save me.

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