Friday, July 14, 2006

If you do one thing, do it well

I know you don't want to hear once again how much I despise Ticketmaster. I bet these guys would blame it on my leftist leanings. But, just as a thought experiment, pretend there is a musician and his name is Tom Waits. Let's also say that you have been listening to him for 23 years and you've never seen him play live. Pretend that you are logged in to Ticketmaster and have a lock on two fifth row seats and then Ticketmaster keeps asking you for your credit card number even though you already have a number stored with them because it "speeds up service." OK, say that you put your number in and then you get a message back that says "this number is already stored." No shit, you think, I know that. Quit asking me for my number, it's already stored! After three minutes of this your tickets get released. You try again and get one balcony ticket. This attitude was not created in a vaccuum, baby.

Thank god there were about four of us trying to get tickets. Wendell and I had the same problem but Chris and Lindsay got through.

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