Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I see Hizbollah and Israel are getting some good killing in. You can check Yahoo! news photos for some awesome shots of death and destruction. God bless modern weapons and communications. Forty years ago all we would have had is Time magazine for this stuff and we would have had to wait a week. Over the weekend CNN was in full crisis mode. Nothing helps their ratings more than a good natural disaster or civilian casulties in the middle east. My friends over at Antiprotester are claiming that previous acts by Hizbollah are enough reason for Israel to kill as many civilians as they like. Oops, was that an anti-Israel remark? Have you seen the picture of Israel kids writing on artillery shells? Our potty mouthed president isn't doing shit to stop the violence. Of course he is of the faith that believes Israel must eventually dismantle or destroy the dome so Jesus can come back. What better way to guarantee this than a major conflict? Is that conspiracy? Well, we'll see if this worthless president of ours gets off his ass and does something to stop this conflict. Anything? George? Mr. president, sir? Jews and Arabs are slaughtering each other, care to step in?

I was over pulling some books for a display and I saw the cover of the new Newsweek magazine. It featured a giant fireball behind an airliner and across the bottom of the page were the words, "Beirut Airport, July 2006." That date just jumped out at me. Here it is, six years after Y2K and this nonsense is taking place. The usual war of words between the two sides are echoing in my head, "If they release A we will stop B." The other side, "If they stop B then we can negotiate the release of A." Over and over, back and forth, again and again. Maybe old Jerusalem should be sold to Disney and once they remove the area's soul then maybe all of this will end.

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