Monday, July 03, 2006

He Hate Me

No, that's not true. He just despises dissent. Love that comment on my last post. I guess four years in the military is not enough. I have to go again in order to speak my mind. I'm not allowed to support human rights for people who haven't had a chance to defend themselves. Supporting human rights for all, even the worst of people, is support of terrorism? Fuck you, if you think so. They are guilty because George said so? Unbelievable. The two most powerful people in this country are chicken hawks on par with John Wayne yet my opinion is out of line. I don't get it. Sure, 9/11 was horrible. George Bush's incompetence was part of the reason it happened yet now anything he does is fine. What is it about criticizing these guys that brings out such bile from their supporters? I reckon it may be because they are wrong and they have to shout louder and get meaner in order to stifle dissent. Well, screw you pal, your president is horrible and you are wrong.

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