Thursday, June 08, 2006

Holy Crap

I can't believe I got in. I'm sure what I am writing right now will be lost once I try to post it.

I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Dennis Leary's firemen show, Rescue Me. It's not bad. It's no Sopranos but what is? Sometimes on the show it seems like the characters are just spouting Dennis Leary type lines. He gets writing credit so it makes sense but it takes away from...uh...characterization. It can seem like there is a whole room of Dennis Leary's hurling insults at each other. Kinda scary, a whole room of Dennis Leary's. Also, both episodes have ended with a whole lot of melodrama. I know the Sopranos can have pretty strong endings but they are trying a little too hard on Rescue Me. Each ending was laugable after a while. That really can take the air out of the previous fifty minutes that were pretty good. Why do that? Stupid TV, be smarter.

Beth mentioned that she hasn't been to crazy about the author who wrote that book about the Cold War I just finished and I can see why. In the book I thought he gave Ronald Reagan way too much credit. I just can't accept that Ronald Reagan was a visionary. Maybe he was a realist when it came to dealing with the Soviets and maybe he got lucky that the Soviet Union was so weak by the time he got into office so what he did worked but calling him a visionary is a too much for me to swallow. Pope John Paul II? Sure, he had vision. Lech Walesa? He put his ass on the line, a true hero. Reagan? No way, man. Perhaps the only thing he did right was dealing with the Soviets. I think he got lucky.

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