Tuesday, June 20, 2006

God Bless 'em

A couple of weeks ago I sent another futile email to my Senator, Elizabeth Dole. It was about immigration and pretty much how I thought this whole debate was complete bullshit and the only way to cut down on illegal immigration was to work with our brothers to the south in order to make their countries more desirable. A huge undertaking but the only true solution. Think a re-united Germany. Of course all she sent me was a letter full of Republican talking points. That's a confidence builder, having a senator who just votes down party lines and spews her party's talking points in a form letter when responding to one of her constituents. If I wanted to read that shit I could have gone to the Republican party's website. Why waste paper? She hasn't responded to my letter about net neutrality yet. She probably has her people working right now on a polite way to tell me to get bent when addressing that topic.

Shit Bag Advisor

I see the two soldiers that were missing have turned up dead and early reports say they may have possibly been tortured to death. I guess this is the kind of of staying the course sacrifice the draft dodger Karl Rove was referring to recently. The video of this disgusting bloated career politician preaching to a sympathetic crowd about the cowardice of his opponents is enough to make a gentle soul want to put that spongy fat head in a vice and squeeze until he suffered as much as those two dead American soldiers. What a piece of crap.

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