Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Middle of the week

It's the middle of the week and you can't help wonder why the recovery of that horse with the broken leg is being covered with an enthusiasm usually given people who are screwing Tom Cruise. Is this horse screwing Tom Cruise? Is this horse a follower of L. Ron Hubbard? I guess when your sperm is worth more than mercury whether or not you will coninue living is a big story.

I went by Borders today to check out their new gizmo that allows you to pick and choose songs to burn to a CD. The cost was around 8 bucks for seven songs and ninety nine cents per song after that. It's not a bad idea but the interface is clunky and the screen is too sensitive to touch and the audio snippets they offer of the songs are lo-fi. Offering low quality audio samples when you are trying to sell audio seems self defeating to me. Maybe they are worried that if they offer quality audio samples someone might bring a recording device with them and then bootleg high-quality thirty second samples of Black Sabbath songs. Or it could be bandwidth. All I know is if you have ten songs you know you want then it might be a valuable tool but if you feel like browsing then do it at home.

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