Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ed and Huffy go to Darlington

I got back from the race in Darlington this morning. Last night was the second annual mothers day weekend Darlington night race. It was awesome. Here are a few photos.

We camped of course. Drank beer at the camp site. Of course. Here's Huffy getting ready for his first beer. Maybe his second. Possibly his third?

Me at the camp site. After a beer or two.

Guys walking across the sand from the liquor store next to the campground.

My favorite porta john.

Our campsite.

Me practicing pointing out trouble in turn one in my brand new Mark Martin t-shirt.

Now were are inside the track. Here fans give the finger to Kurt Busch.

Race fans.

The start of the race.

A few minutes later. Cars whizzing into turn one.

This cute kid sat next to us. He was with his father and neither of them were wearing ear plugs. The kid's going to be deaf before he is a teenager.

Father and son watching cars go by.

Guys in the grandstand above us.

Of course there was a fight.

The guy with no shirt being hauled off after causing the fight.

A few cars going by. Notice the number 6 car of Mark Martin.

The walk back to the campsite.

The morning after. Showing no sign of ill effects from the night before.

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