Thursday, May 25, 2006

don't watch!

Since I've mentioned racing on here more than a few times you might be considering watching some of the race Sunday night. If you have not watched a race and are curios please do not watch the race Sunday. First of all, it's the longest race they run which makes it a bad race to watch unless you are really into the sport. Second, NASCAR seems to be doing everything they can to make the race real long. A new surface, hard tires, and smaller fuel cells are going to make Sunday's race even more of a marathon. I'm really afraid we are going to see a few bad crashes like the one Kahne and Martin got into when there is side by side racing.

I may not even watch it myself after reading this. Humpy and his guys, NASCAR and Goodyear need to unscrew Lowe's Motor Speedway and do it right away. Charlotte is the best track they got, why mess with it?

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