Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What to do when a good book gets bad at the end?

Well, not bad but disappointing. I hate to be a negative nelly but I finished "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore last week and loved, loved, loved the book up until the last few pages. It always bugs me when a story's mystery is so obvious to everyone except the characters in the book. Isn't there a term out there for the contrived ignorance of characters? I think it's used mostly when discussing bad movies. I guess you might say that's being too picky for a book that is supposed to be humorous but it did have a dark serious side and I think he bunted when he could have hit one out of the park.

On a positive note "A Dirty Job" was a pleasant and very funny read. Moore can create some of the best characters and gives them wonderful dialogue. When he nails it he reminds me of Heinlein. Most people don't know but, when he wanted to, Heinlein could write some great comedic dialogue. It's all about pacing and timing and they both gots it.

I know I've linked to it before but Moore has a nice website and updates his blog on a regular basis. If you enjoy his writing his blog can be a lot of fun.

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