Friday, April 07, 2006


Today, once again, Chris and I hit the links. Just like last week we went to Revolution golf course on the west side of town. Also, just like last week, we ended up playing with a fella who had shown up by himself. Each time the golfer asked us to allow him to join us. I guess no one likes to play alone. That's an aspect of golf I had not anticipated. It's nice, meeting new people like that. Buddying up for a couple of hours, sharing laughs, groans and a little bit of golf rage. Today, Derrick, our new golf buddy, hit a nice approach shot on a par five that went a little right and didn't take a favorable bounce. Or, as he put it, "Ah, it hit the fucking cart path!"

I've been having trouble hitting with my driver. I'm not getting any elevation from it and hitting a lot of low line drives. When I do get some elevation, I usually have a bad slice. A slice, for a left hander, means that it looks good coming off the tee and then it turns left like an Air America host. When I get some good power behind a tee shot and the slice comes in the ball can literally travel fifty plus yards the wrong way. If I'm not careful I could kill somebody.

On the last hole I switched to my five wood which I haven't used at all. The five wood gives you more elevation than the driver does. You sacrfice some distance but I don't get much distance from my driver anyway. My shot went straight and true. I might use that club more often on shorter par fours now. It couldn't hurt. There is less danger to other golfers when I use the five wood. Of course I pooched my approach shot but that was bound to happen.

Speaking of killing someone with a golf shot. I was trying to lob a ball onto a green today and didn't far enough under the ball and hit a line drive toward the green. Standing on the green were Derrick and Chris. Chris was safe but that ball was heading straight toward Derrick's melon. He moved out of the way but, for a second, I was afraid I was going to bean the poor guy.

Here's a picture of Chris hitting his approach shot on hole three. It's not the best sports photograph ever but you can see the ball and that's magic in my book.

One more thing

I started a Youtube account. You know, that new video server that's all the rage. You can access it here. It's a fun website. It's a nice way to share your shitty digital camera videos.

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