Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Opening day again

The other night Chris came by to hang out for a while. We had initially planed to watch the NCAA championship game. Since we didn't really care about either team and the game was a blow out early, we ended up watching baseball on ESPN instead. We watched the early portion of the A's-Yankees game until Alex Rodriguez drove a Barry Zito hanging curveball into the stands with the bases loaded. That made the game 7-0 in the top of the second. It was fun up until then. The Yankees didn't hit a ball more than 180 feet until Rodriguez's monster shot.

It was nice to sit at home last night with the windows open and a cool early spring breeze putting a little chill in the room while baseball was being played on the TV. I don't follow the game like I used to but it still feels good when it rolls around again.

I saw Barry Bonds caught a lot of grief from the fans in San Diego. Ole Barry is in for a shit storm this year. Just wait until he gets to Philadelphia or L.A. I really wish he would quit and leave Hank Aaron's record alone. He and those other robots already ruined the single season record why destroy a record achieved by one of baseball's true heroes?

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