Friday, April 07, 2006

On the way to golf

Oh yeah, while driving to the golf course yesterday we got caught up in George Bush traffic. He was over at CPCC lying his ass off. There were cops everywhere, I guess they complete shut down Billy Graham Parkway. It's bad enough this guy is running our country into the toilet but now he has to come to my home and personally wreck my golf outing? Is it really necessary to protect the president this much? Sure, being president can be dangerous. There is always the threat of assassination but is it so much of a threat that you have to cripple a city's traffic for a day for such a buffoon? Let him take a chance now and then. Perhaps a little danger will wake up his obviously deadened mind.

At least bubble boy allowed an American citizen to actually challenge him on his presidency for once. How isolated is this guy that when an American citizen is allowed to critcize him to his face that it makes national news? Pretty sad.

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