Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Neil Young

If you have been on the internets recently you have probably seen that Neil Young has a new album coming out. This whacked out Canadian rock star has decided that he hates America and wants the president beaten up so he recorded a few songs. Hey, I stuck with Neil through that horrible period of "Let's Roll" so allow me to enjoy this moment.

I listened to the album a couple of times yesterday and loved it. It's the first real rockin' electric album he has put out since 1996. Happy day for me. Neil Young is pissed off and playing his electric guitar. What more could you want?

The album is a lot more than "Impeach the President." It's a killer song but the stream forces you to listen to the album from beginning to end and it has a good flow to it. It's much more than just an anti-Bush album. It's a piece of work that questions the world at large. A violent world, a world that somehow equates a large wasteful car with success, a world where a vacuous disingenous empty headed lying piece of shit like George Bush can become president twice.

I didn't buy "Prairie Wind" but I wil be buying "Living with War."

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