Monday, April 10, 2006

Hate filled ho

It's really sad such a hate-filled and deceiving person is so popular. It's also sad that those who read her books either don't know or care that they are being lied to page after page.

You know what also drives me crazy about this ass? It's that she is sometimes compared to Al Franken just because they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and both attempt to write humor. First of all Franken is hilarious. I mean laugh outloud funny. I've read a couple of his books. Coulter is not funny unless, of course, you consider blatantly biased exaggerations funny. I don't. Franken has extensive citations at the end of his books that support what he says and most of his humor comes from creative jibes, perfect comedica pacing and pricesless personal stories, not exaggerations. At the end of Coulter's books you have blank pages. Pages as valuable to her arguments as the rest of the book. If this dolt was on my side I would disown her immediately. I guess it's indicative of the current conservative mindset that such a person like her carries so much weight. Her vilification is long overdue.

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