Thursday, April 27, 2006


I just found out my mom reads this thing now and then. Now and then? You'd think your mom would read your friggin' blog every day. Maybe not. If I was a mom I would read my son's blog every day. Believe that.

The real question is since my mom reads this blog and I think a couple of the kids from my teen reading group read it now and then should I stop using words like "shit" and "biatch" and the "F word?" See, already I am saying "F word" instead of fuck. That's bullshit. I should be stronger than that.

Neil Young

Don't forget that you can stream Neil Young's new album on his website starting tomorrow. Impeach the president, indeed.

If you get a chance check out this Fox "News" video here where Cavuto implies that Neil Young's new album is about how bad a place America is. I still can't believe these fucks are allowed to call themselves a news network. That comment is a deliberate lie.

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