Thursday, April 13, 2006

Catching up

I watched the last 2/3 of "How to Marry a millionaire" over the weekend by accident. Marilyn Monroe was really funny. All that and funny too.

The last two Southpark episodes have been priceless. Give these guys a cause and they'll make you laugh for days.

I am totally hooked on the new Sopranos season. It's the shortest hour of my week. I didn't realize that the writer that is Christopher's friend is the older brother from the show "Wings." I liked Wings. Good for him.

I am tearing through Christopher Moore's new book called "A Dirty Job". The guy just keeps getting better. Imagine if John Steinbeck decided to write funny horror novels and you'd be close to what Moore is doing.

Before I started on the Moore book I read "Burn" by James Patrick Kelly. You know you just read a great science fiction book when you can't really describe it without giving everything away. It takes place on a planet that has been purchased by a man who wants to create a society that is based on the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau. It's all about nature and what it is. Our relationship to it, what it means to be human, the concept of "home." Stuff like that.

Chris brought over a Bob Marley concert DVD last night. It's a concert from 1977 in London. Holy underwear, was it great. The drummer in that band was awesome.

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