Monday, March 20, 2006


A lady came in who is desiring to know if our group services department delivers books to her grandmother's assisted living center. Today she called and left two messages with the group services department and they did not get back to her. She came upstairs just now and wanted me to tell her whether or not the library delivered books to this particular rest home. As far as I know there is no list I can access to tell me which homes house a rotating collection of books delivered by group services. I swear she looked at me like I didn't want to help her. The disbelief in her gaze, the obvious contempt for library red tape was so blatant that I almost hit her. If such a list doesn't exist and it's after 5:30 and there is no one left at main except the drones in telref there is nothing I can do except suggest you call group services again tomorrow. I am not giving you the runaround, honest to god. Besides, one day of unreturned calls hardly qualifies as being ignored by group services.


The disbelief people express when we tell them we do not have wireless in here is getting a little frightening. Hopefully we'll have it while people still come to the library.

School in the summer time

Somebody sponsored a contest to see who could draw or paint the best versions of characters from the Fat Albert cartoons.

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