Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My favorite Metro

Sunday while stopping at my favorite convenience store for a Mountain Dew squishy I saw the best example of a metrosexual I have yet seen in Charlotte. I've seen a couple of doozies at the Southpark Mall but this guy beats them all. As I pulled into the parking lot the first thing I notice is his license plate says "NYANA." I immediately check out the ride, it's a sporty convertable Mercedes. Definately a Nyana car, the prick. I can't help but take a good look at someone who is such an asshole that he has a taunting vanity plate on a car worth at least 30 times my own. He's got perfect jet black hair that stops uniformly a few inches down his neck. There are perfectly patterned waves in the hair also. His skin is just dark enough to reflect that he may or may not tan year round. If he does it's not a big priority in his life. He's wearing those sunglasses with the screws in them that have a translucent frame. I park my car, climbed out and, I swear I couldn't help it, I just started laughing. He was playing house music while pumping gas.

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