Monday, March 13, 2006


OK, so the wire cam during the NASCAR race wasn't all that cool but at least they tried.

Played Scrabble yesterday with the One Big Loud Guy, Granville and M. The gang hadn't played Scrabble in a long time and the first game we played was sans Granville and I beat the One Big Loud Guy for the very first time at Scrabble. He actually came in third which is unheard of in local Scrabble lore. He was so desperate that he even attempted to pretend not to know you could't play prefixes while counting on the inexperience of his competition. How's that for needing to win just a little too much?

Granville came by and we played a second game which the One Big Loud Guy one handily because during the game he had the Q, Z, X and J. Hard to beat someone when the pull those letters out of the bag.

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