Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clock watching

Usually I tried to avoid clock watching. I figure since my job is so cool that clock watching is an insult to everyone who doesn't love their job. That's not entirely true, I don't particularly like my job when the stinky car guy comes in and I have to spend a half hour downloading pictures of new cars for him. Other than that, perfect job. Today, though, I am clock watching because I can't wait to go home tonight and watch the online video of the teleconference Bush held as Katrina was roaring toward the gulf coast. Essentially I guess he promises to do everything and then you know what happened, nothing at all. How long is it going to take before this guy is impeached and then beaten publicly right before going to jail? What is it going to take? How badly does he have to screw up? It's almost like he would have to kill someone on live TV in a satanic ritual to get impeached. It's mind boggling.

P.D. James

I finally finished the novel "Lighthouse" by P.D. James today at lunch. I don't know if I can recommend it too highly but I did enjoy it and the solution to the murder was not pulled out of her butt. The clues were there for the reader to pick up on. I didn't, but that's OK. It will probably be a long while before I read another mystery novel. They aren't really my cup of tea but it's good to branch out every now and then. Now when people ask me if I can recommend a mystery I can say, with great assurance, that I've read P.D. James and liked her writing. I might delve back into her work via an earlier novel sometime. I've read a couple of reviews on "Lighthouse" that have been a little negative. Maybe I'll enjoy her writing more if I enter the life of Adam Dalgleish earlier in his career.

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