Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mystery Girl

Yesterday I started reading my first P.D. James novel, "The Lighthouse." I heard her on Diane Rehm the other day and that was the second time I had heard her on that show. Each time I was impressed by how she expressed herself. She was well-spoken and very witty. You know how sometimes you hear an author speak and you immediatley are interested in reading their writing? That's how she was with me. She is the anti-Patricia Cornwell.

I haven't read that many mystery novels over the years. I've read "The Hound of Baserkvilles," one of Agatha Christie's Ms. Marple novels and a couple of Isaac Asimov's SF/mystery novels when I was much younger. Recently I've been reading a lot of nonfiction and I've been having a hard time taking time to read. Maybe a nicely paced murder mystery will get me rolling. So far I've enjoyed the book. I'm still at the point where Ms. James is introducing all the characters and each one has been interesting to me so that's a good sign. I sure hope none of them get hurt.

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