Monday, February 06, 2006

Killing for god, Part 5,565,323

How can religous people expect me to take them seriously when they riot because some guy in the Netherlands draws a cartoon? God, I love fundamentalism. If you insult the prophet of the true one god of love we will burn your fucking house down.

Obscenity of obscenities

I was reading about the federal budget today. This year we are going to spend $489.5 billion on killing people and/or preparing to kill folks (that figure includes the $50 billion budgeted for Iraq). If you figure we have roughly 300 million people living in this country that comes out to $1631.67 per person. We could buy every person in this country a 1990 Honda Civic for that much money. We could probably feed the world also but that's commie talk.

Of course that money isn't really set aside just for killing. That money is needed for a strong armed force that can protect mine and your'n freedoms. Freedoms that our un-named and mostly invisible enemy hate hate hate. An enemy that could hit us again at any second. Of course, if that enemy hit us with every they had once a week for six months still couldn't kill as many people as Americans do every year with their legally purchased firearms. That's commie talk also.

If I budgeted I could probably feed myself for a whole year with a little more than $1631.67. I could probably eat pretty well. How many families could you feed in Honduras with $1631? You could give that much money to a school teacher and she wouldn't have to spend her own money for supplies this year. How about a single mother? How much would that chunk of cash help her with day care? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard all that shit before. Nothing will be done about it. Bush will get that serious look on his face and start talking about 9/11 and protecting uneducated fat Americans and the military budget will just get bigger and bigger and people will go hungry in the richest country in the world and change will not be considered let alone debated.

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You say it so well.