Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Comedy never stops

I see our hilarious president has put a notice out that it is wrong to resort to violence over an offense to one's religion. Man, that's funny stuff. Who writes his material?


Often when I recommend that someone go to the main library to do some research they claim that parking downtown is a nightmare or that it costs too much to park or there is too much crime there. I usually poo poo their claims and tell them that parking is much easier now because there is a ten-story parking deck near the library where you can park free for ninety minutes and it's only two dollars every half hour after that. Not a bad deal, right? I aslo tell them that the crime that was a problem downtown has been pretty much cleared up since the mid-nineties.

I had to be at the main library at 11 today for a big meeting. I left home at 10:30. I figured I would be able to park at the parking deck and get inside to the conference room with time to spare. Naturally the parking deck was full and the parking lot at Spirit Square was full also. I had to drive around, find a pay lot and stick four bucks into one of those metal self service boxes. By the time I got to the meeting room I was ten minutes late and the web seminar had already started. The second in command of the library and the head librarian were at this meeting. Man, did I feel like a tool walking in there late. Oh, and the manager of my branch was there also. It was a glorious moment, I tell you.

At least I didn't see any crime while I was down there. I'm still right about that.

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Su Pantalones said...

Jeebus - four dollars???? you are so lucky that Charlotte is cheap, otherwise there'd be no benefit to its being there. Parking downtown here is street parking $3 / hr & in lots - about $9 /hr. Fucking stooopid... at least we have transit that works, mostly.