Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The agony

Last night Chris, who from now on will be known as the video game savant (VGS), and I played a fierce and bloody game of Madden 05 on the Xbox. The savant has been pissing me off lately by throwing 20-yard prayers with the accuracy of a laser sight and by playing a preternaturally good defense with the player he is controlling. Not that there aren't holes in his game. He lives and dies by the pass even when he is playing with the 1985 Bears and has Walter Payton at his disposal. If 80 percent of your offense is the pass you will get intercepted now and then. After the bastard took an early lead I was able to rally back after he threw a couple of interceptions. I tied the game up and was starting to discover my running game again during the third quarter. At the end of the third quarter I was in his territory and moving the ball pretty good. The third quarter ends and the Xbox locks up. I swear we both almost started crying. Playing a video game is pretty much a waste of time but when you put almost an hour into an intense football game with all the requisite swearing and hollering and then the damn thing crashes on you every wasted moment in your life fills the room.

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