Monday, January 23, 2006

My Senator

Every now and then I submit an electronic form to the office of Senator Elizabeth Dole. I guess I enjoy getting form letters from her office informing me why I am wrong and she is going to vote the opposite way I asked. I'm probably wasting my time writing these things but somebody is looking at them because the letters I receive address the issue on which I commented, even when I choose "other" on the menu of her form. At the very least a Repulican intern is reading my letter. That's probably the best I can hope for.

Today I wrote to her and asked her to vote against the nomination of Alito to the supreme court. Fat chance of that happening, I know. As I was scrolling through the menu options on the email form on her website I noticed an option that read "Support the troops." I was surprised by that. You would think that if you support the troops you wouldn't really have to write Dole just to tell her that. Maybe that category is there for you to write to her if she isn't supporting the troops enough. Hard to believe a Republican senator could ever possibly make the mistake of not professing her support for the troops sufficiently but it could happen. Actual support of the troops, like sufficient armor and medical care, not being important enough to enter the public debate.

I'm sitting at my desk looking at this form and it's option to send Elizabeth Dole a electronical mail message on the subject of 'support the troops' and I realize that there is no option available for someone who doesn't support the troops. What if you live in North Carolina and you want to inform Elizabeth Dole that you think the American troops are cannibalistic baby killing butt pirates? You have no options on Senator Dole's webpage. You'll just have to state those wacky opinions in a letter that bears the subject of 'other,' pal. That's fucking bullshit. It's exclusionary and wrong. How can she and her party hope to bring America together with a web menu that is obviously prejudiced? Shame.

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