Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I apologize for the graphic sexual nature of the following post

I had "Asshole for Christ" as the top headline of my blog for so long I thought I should write something just to move it down a bit.

I'm still getting hits from 42short but they are really starting to space out. It won't be long before that blog becomes like Batman in the "The Dark Knight Returns" where people will begin to doubt he even existed. I imagine with the internet that will take about six weeks.

How about them Panthers, eh? I predict we will go into Seattle and we will stomp them like a librarian at a South Carolina dirt track.

You know the best thing about having the apartment to myself is that for the next couple of days the only hair I will pull out of the drain in the bath tub will be mine. It's funny, I don't mind pulling a woman's pubic hair out of my teeth but I blanch at pulling the body hair of my roommate out of the tub's drain. Isn't life strange?

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