Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Desperate measures

Since I have lost all those hits from the bleeding demised 42short I have had to resort to getting my blog into the Technorati network. That hasn't helped to make up for the lack of nerdy librarian type girls that 42short sent this way.

Poor Cinderella

Last night I finally got a chance to watch Cinderella Man. I didn't realize until today that last night was the first time I had watched a Ron Howard directed movie since Apollo back in 1995. How can that be?

The movie was good. I was impressed that the pace of the movie was so relaxed. The time where Braddock and his family are living hand to mouth drags on for a good long time. Most movies of this type only give cursory attention to the set up which then doesn't allow the main character's rise to resonate with the audience. Not Cinderella Man. Here the down and out bouncer hits rock bottom financially before the movie shifts into its second half which is about his improbable rise and eventual shot at the heavyweight title. In fact the first half works so well that by the time Braddock is fighting Max Baer for the title I found myself rooting for this character more than I had for a movie character in a while. Probably not since Million Dollar Baby.

I did some reading on Max Baer today and I found that he was not nearly as asshole-ly as he was portrayed in the film. I don't know if I should be disappointed or not because he was such an effective asshole. Maybe it was a little much because you can be a dangerous fighter and not be a complete dick. It worked but after reading about Baer today I can't help but feel he was given a short shrift by the movie.

So, the movie was no Raging Bull but if you enjoy uplifting boxing movies you can't go wrong with this baby.

Is it just me but does Russell Crowe sound just like Mel Gibson? I swear if I closed my eyes last night I could hear Mel Gibson. Aren't the both Australian? Maybe that's it. Probably not. Angus Young is Australian and he doesn't sound a bit like Russell Crowe or Mel Gibson.

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