Saturday, December 17, 2005

Yahoo Serious

President Bush today: "In the war on terror, we cannot afford to be without this law for a single moment," Mr. Bush said forcefully from behind a lectern in the Roosevelt Room, next to the Oval Office. The White House invited cameras in, guaranteeing television coverage.

He said the Senate's action "endangers the lives of our citizens," and added that "the terrorist threat to our country will not expire in two weeks," a reference to the approaching deadline of Dec. 31, when critical provisions of the current law will end. His statement came just a day before he is scheduled to make a rare Oval Office address to the nation, at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, celebrating the Iraqi elections and describing what his press secretary on Saturday called the "path forward."

Is here kidding, or what? Does he actually think anyone still believes he is capable of doing anything worthwhile? Give it up, monkey boy, you are an incompetent lame duck. Oh, and you spy on Americans. I feel safer.

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