Saturday, December 10, 2005

Those were the days

It's strange to me that the first year or so of my time here in Charlotte was fifteen years ago. If my math is correct and I am here for seven more years then I will have spent half my life living in Charlotte.

I arrived here in July of 1990. My Marine buddy Cal and I pulled up to my parents' home in a suburb in south Charlotte. He stayed the night and drove off to Delaware the next day. I didn't do much for the first couple of weeks since I was officially in the Marines for another month and was pulling a paycheck until early August. After almost four years of the Corps I was so ready for a little down time. It was exsquisite. I felt like I had been released from prison. I remember a running joke I had at the time was that I thought they should have given us a new suit when we left base for the last time.

I really enjoyed that first few months in Charlotte. I saw KISS that July at what was still called the new Charlotte Coliseum. I discovered the 1313 club and spent many a nights there enjoying live music. I remember one night driving down South Blvd on my way to the 1313 for a night of music and meeting people and I just felt good. I was 22, I was exploring a new city, I was free of the Marines, I hadn't been granted a credit card yete and I had no worries because my parents were allowing me to live with them for a while. It was one of those moments in a life where you are just right where you want to be.

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