Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Suuuuuuuuuper Cable

Even though Timewarner is hosing us with bundling charges we decided we could no longer live without the Daily Show and ESPN. I called a few days ago and arranged to have a cable guy come by and hook us up. It turns out TW was having a special where you get the loaded digital cable for a big discount for six months. Along with that they dropped five bucks off the charge for the cable modem. I know I've railed against TW and their shitty practice of bundling but I couldn't take it no more. Must...have...daily...show and, of course, Chris Berman.

I was watching Sunday night football on ESPN sometime last year when the broadcast took a break and Berman did a quick promo for his halftime highlight show. He did his usual thing which is just him being full of enthusiasm and humor. When the broadcast switched back to the game announcers one of them said, "Does anybody in the world have more fun doing his job than Boomer?" Amen. I got to watch Berman do his primetime footall highlight show last night and the guy is just so much fun to watch. Truly no one has more fun than him at broadcasting sports.

Trashing the one I live with

I don't know if my roommate will read this, it doesn't really matter. I just don't understand the guy. He spends no time at all in his room. If he reads, he's in the living room. Playing guitar? He's in the living room. Sleeping on weekends? He's in the living room. Napping after work? In the living room. Napping after the trip to the mall on Saturday? In the living room. Listening to music? In the living room. Just plain vegetating? In the living room. He's the only person I've ever met that doesn't treat his bedroom like a fortress of solitude. I don't get it. Your room should be a special place you can go to be alone. He's just a different breed of cat.

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