Tuesday, December 20, 2005

President Dunderhead

This whole domestic spying thing has got me confused. I've gotten it from two different sources that the court Bush is bypassing has OK'ed thousands of requests since it was created back in 1978. It's denied less than ten. In fact you can spy on some poor bastard and then go to the court and ask them if it was OK to do that. This allows you to do it quickly which means Bush is lying about his reason for bypassing the court which is supposedly to speed up the process.

My question is what exactly are these guys doing makes them unwilling to take their requests to a court that has been rubber stamping government requests for over 25 years? I can only assume it's something a court that has a 5000:1 ratio of approval to denial would disapprove of. Knowing how much this administration sucks it's pretty frightening to consider how illegal and foolish this behavior will turn out to be when it's eventually revealed.

As always, may god continue to bless George Bush.

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