Thursday, December 15, 2005

Goodbye, farewell and amen

Well, it looks like this guy is going to cap his blog like it's Old Yeller. I guess it's not the saddest thing in the world. Nothing lasts forever. Ole 42short has been around for three years and seven months. Many things have lasted longer than his blog. Things like World War II, the first new Star Wars movie and George Bush's alcoholism. But other things have lasted for less time than the 42short blog. Things like all my romantic relationships, the career of Jimi Hendrix and the tenure of the Seattle Pilots major league baseball team.

What really bums me out is that half the hits I get for my blog come directly from him. What am I going to do now that all his married female fans stop clicking on the link to me every now and then? My hit count is going to go right in the shitter. The only reason I am continuing through this shock and depression is because I like reading my archives just to see what I was doing three winters ago.

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