Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boo boo

I think I made a boo boo yesterday when I bought a new center channel speaker for my home entertainment thing. You know how you sometimes buy something you really can't afford? Story of my life. It's not like I am going to go hungry and have to beat up old ladies for gas money but I'll just have to be careful with my dough for the rest of this pay period. You know, behave opposite the way I did yesterday.

Satan on the net

I may have mentioned this before but you know what is especially Satanic on the internet? Those fucking webpages that have URL's purposefully similar to the URL of a popular web page. When you hit one of those pages about five pop up windows appear, the page tries to install spyware on your computer and then axes you if you would like to make this virtual beasty your homepage. No, I'd like to find the cock sucker who is responsible for this shit and choke him to death.

Bonus 42short

Since his blog is deader than a doornail I invited him to write a guest column here on my blog. Here it is. I believe it's about buttons.


next to my collection of plastic buddhas buttons are the most fascinating objects in my life. i have buttons on my boxer shorts, buttons on my levi's and my belly button is my best friend when i have some free time, a good movie and some peanut butter. my mother used to save the extra buttons that come with nice shirts for the times when they were needed. i was the only boy in that one-room mountain school with hand-me-down shirts with all the original buttons. i love my mom.

buttons are like jewels in their variances. buttons remind me of my youth, sitting under a willow tree twisting the buttons my mom sewed on my overalls in my little pink fingers. buttons remind me of college when I had to unbutton the sleeves of my thrift store bought work shirt so the red cross nurse could get that needle in there to take my blood. buttons remind me of telephone reference because of the time i got the button on my sleeve caught in the carousel and it flung me across the room. buttons are like eyes, most are attractive but some can be very beautiful. i had a teddy bear with buttons for eyes. my sister set it on fire and forced me to kiss his crumbling charcoal-y face. It left me with a halloween style hobo beard on my soft pink face.

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