Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rock and Roll and Bittorrent

Thursday night me and a few friends joined up at the Tremont Music Hall here in Charlotte for a Drive By Truckers show. The Drive By Truckers have entered that hallowed space in my personal music pantheon of "must see" show. There are a lot of people on the "must see" show list. People like Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Primus, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Kenny Brown and, of course, Tom Waits. The nice thing about the Drive By Truckers is that they actually come to my town at least once a year now. I think if you want to see Tom Waits you have to fly to Berlin once every five years.

How was the Drive By Truckers? It was as good as the last three times I've seen them. Every time I've seen them I've walked out of the venue thinking that the show couldn't have been better. They are just that good. If they ever come to your town you should go see them. They play rock and roll like it's supposed to be played: loudly and with a joyful enthusiasm. Of the five of us that went I was the only one that had seen them before. Three of them were blown away and raved as we left. Sam left early but I'm sure he had a good time. I guess I should email Sam and found out how he felt about it.

A day or so later an email came through on the Drive by Truckers email list that someone had posted to bittorrent a copy of the show. I've been wondering just how bittorrent works and I read up on it, got really confused, tried it, saw how it worked, realized it's just counter-intuitive and not all that hard. Bittorrent rocks. So far I've downloaded two recent Drive by Truckers show and Neil Young's performance at Farm Aid. Me happy.

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