Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quote book

"'Some of you are bad and kill other kinds of life. Others of you are good and protect life'

Thought I, is that all there is to good and bad?" - Cordwainer Smith

Yesterday I got my package from Amazon. In it was the book Science Fiction Quotations edited by Gary Westfahl. I like it although it doesn't have a single quote from Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. It has a section on God and that's all that awesome book is about is god and faith. Strange, thinkest me.

One more. "Honor is only a label they use for what they want you to do, Chernon. They want you to stay, so they call staying honorable." - Sheri S. Tepper

OK, I can tell you would like another one: "There ought not to be anything in the whole universe that man can't poke nose into - that's the way we're built and I assume that there's some reason for it." Robert Heinlein

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