Wednesday, November 30, 2005

OK, that's enough of that

Umm...time for a new book. This one will be a children's fantasy novel.

Skordongo: Lord of the Monkey People

Long before there were big people, the little people flourished. The little people lived in trees and ate what the Maker provided for them. They were happy and lived long fruitful lives, except for criminal monkeys who stole. They were executed at the zenith of every full moon. All other monkeys, though, lived obliviously happy lives since they were monkeys and didn't pay much attention to anything that didn't involve acquiring food or pleasuring themselves.

Skordongo, Lord of the Monkeys was different. He had many other monkeys that acquired, prepared and served him food. He had a wide variety of other monkeys that pleasured him at all hours of the day (except when he was too sore). He had a comfortable bed and was never cold and rarely was he ever too warm. He was allowed, then, to cast his mind out like a net and ponder the mysteries of life.

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