Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Me teach, you listen

Today, for the second time, I taught the beginning internet class here at my library. We offer the class at 9:30 in the morning. I work mostly nights now because my boss is an angel sent straight from heaven and when I have to teach this class at 9:30 on a Wednsday morning it's actually nice because I am generally more worried about getting to work on time than I am about teaching the class.

We have a handout we can use to teach the class and I seem to deviate from it almost immediately. Hey, it's the internet let's get hands on mices and start surfing. There was an inquisitive man with a British accent that kept interrrupting what I was saying and he took me further and further away from the handout. By the time I tried to get back to it they weren't interested no more in the handout or any lecturing I was attempting. Fine by me. I spent the last half hour just answering questions and helping people get unlost. Right as I was starting to show one lady how to open a Yahoo email account our internet died. It's hard to teach an internet class with no internet access when you've covered most of what's on the handout. Right as the students were getting comfortable and were hitting the free range internet the internet poops out on us. They drilled me with questions for a few minutes longer and filed out one by one.

I think the best answer I gave today was my description of a blog. One fella axed me about blogs and I compared a blog to that holiday letter some families send out. Instead of receiving a letter once a year you can check in on people you know a few times a week or a few times a day depending on how devoted you are to stalking. I also mentioned how there are people out there like Joshua Micah Marshall whose opinions I respect and I like to get their take on current events. He bought that. I did tell him that any yahoo in the world, like me, so you have to consider your source. Of course that is true for blogs and all web pages.

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