Monday, October 31, 2005

You're either with us or we'll betray you

Paul Krugman today: "Apologists can shout all they like that no laws were broken, that hardball politics is nothing new, or whatever. The fact remains that officials close to both Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush leaked the identity of an undercover operative for political reasons. Whether or not that act was illegal, it was clearly unpatriotic."

I saw a speech last night on C-Span where Bill Clinton essentially called George Bush's budget policies immoral. It was beautiful. Essentially he said that borrowing from China to sponsor his tax cut was unethical. I almost cheered.

You can say what you want about Clinton but the guy can talk in front of a crowd. It was amazing to watch him speak knowledgeably about economics and taxation. You just sit there and think, "damn, this guy knows what the hell he's talking about." And then you see Howdy Doody come on TV later and bumble his way through a script and your brain almost freezes. They say that in America anyone can become president but I think there really should be some kind of aptitude test you must pass before you can declare your candidacy. That way we would be assured a president that doesn't bring out in me a desire to drive a pencil into both my eardrums each time he speaks.

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