Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yesterday I went to lunch

I scooted out the back door of the library that exits from the circulation workroom. Outside the temperature was right around seventy and a mist hung in the air. As the droplets drifted out the sky they continusously hit my bare skin it was like being touched constantly by tiny people with cold hands. The light fog and mist reminded me of being in Monterey, CA. I passed the brick building that houses the office drones and scrambled up the grass embankment and veered right toward Borders. Inside Borders the poor saps still had on their headsets. I think there might be some kind of repetitive ear stress you could get from sticking an earpiece in there all day. If you see someone with a red raw ear they are either secret service or they work at Borders. I went upstairs to the A/V section to see if they had the Wallace and Grommit DVD in yet. No dice. After that I moseyed over to the Harris Teeter and visited the pasta bar for the third time in less than ten days. You get to pick a pasta style, a sauce, two veggies and a meat for five bucks. They cook it right in front of you and they sprinkle fresh parmesan on it. It weighs about a pound and it will satiate a grown man, believe me. After that I headed back to the 'brary and sat in the break room eating my pasta dish and reading the New York Times Book Review.

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